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Alwan Alrabee is a reputable laundry and dry cleaning company in Dubai. We use advanced laundry equipment and products to provide our customers excellent service. We have been working in the dry cleaning business for over a decade. Our experience and expertise make us the perfect choice for caring for your dry-clean-only garments. Customers can visit a branch or use our laundry pickup and delivery service. Select a time that is convenient, and our team will come to collect the laundry. Using our express service, you can get your dry-cleaned clothes back within a day. We will deliver to the specified address within the time frame. Search for dry cleaning near me online and find Alwan Alrabee professional laundry in Dubai to avail of the most affordable rates. To save time and effort, also look into our laundry pressing and ironing service.

Why & When is Dry Cleaning Needed?

  • Everyone has clothes in their closet that have garment care specifications for preservation. These are made of textiles like velvet, silk, wool, or suede and will deteriorate if washed in a standard washing machine. For such delicate garments, professional dry cleaners in Dubai are ideal.
  • Certain washable accessories and household items, such as comforters, duvets, draperies, and curtains, are difficult to handle at home. These should be sent to laundry and dry cleaning services for a thorough wash.
  • If you can’t get stains out of your clothes by scrubbing and washing them several times, dry cleaning in Dubai is the best option. Dry cleaners use special solvents and detergents for stain removal that are eco-friendly yet highly effective.

Advantages of Professional Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning clothes has many advantages over traditional laundering, even hand washing, in terms of caring for delicate fabrics and materials. The main benefits of the technique are:

  • Clothes do not deform or lose shape because they are not in direct contact with water for an extended period of time. Dry cleaning in Dubai is, therefore, appropriate for garments like jackets, coats, gowns, and other types of clothing to avoid shrinkage.
  • Suitable for removing stains from the most difficult-to-work-with materials, including leather, suede, cashmere, and silk. Wet cleaning can harm these products by causing fading and not effectively removing stains.
  • Removes stubborn stains with ease. Laundry dry cleaning can be used to remove local stains on the clothing surface, even if the product’s material is not delicate.
  • You will spend much more time if you try to launder the dirty clothes yourself, sometimes efforts can be in vain without special chemicals. As one of the best dry cleaners in Dubai, we will do the job for you saving you a lot of time and effort.

Why Choose Us?

Alwan Alrabee provides comprehensive dry cleaning and laundry service at cheaper rates.

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